Let’s Talk Toilets

Most people normally go for vacation once in a while. You will note that life can be stressful at times. It is important that you go for vacation with your friends or relatives. You will realize that most people normally use this period to bond with their loved ones. It is always a moment to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. There are several destinations that you can consider. One of those destinations that you can choose is Thailand. You will realize that Thailand is a country that caters to vastly diverse sets of tourists. If you are an avid shopper, there are bright shopping malls in Bangkok. Thailand basically offers several fascinating destinations for most tourists.

Women normally carry tissue papers so that they can utilize them whenever they want to answer a call of nature. In most countries, most women normally utilize tissue papers anytime they want. In addition, men still use tissue papers whenever they want to answer a call of nature. Should you really take your own toilet paper to Thailand?

This may seem like an obvious function of the toilet. However, you will be surprised to note that the toilets in Thailand cannot handle toilet pipes. You will realize that restaurants and even public toilets in Thailand usually have signs pleading with you to throw the tissue in the open bin instead. You will note that most visitors have been reprimanded by those people who man toilets in Thailand for not throwing the tissue paper in an open bin. Once you use a toilet in Thailand, you should not throw the tissue paper into the toilet sink as usual. You should drop it in a shared bin beside the sink.

It is true to say that you should carry your own tissue paper when visiting Thailand. However, if you are visiting a posh hotel, you can choose not to carry one. Most people wonder why toilet papers are not allowed to be flushed in the toilet. However, the reason is quite simple. You will realize that there are few sewerage treatment plants in Thailand. In addition, few sewerage plants can actually breakdown the non-biodegradable tissue paper.

Most toilets in Thailand do not provide toilet papers. You have to carry your won so that you can utilize it after relieving yourself. Those people who visit high-end hotels do not need to carry tissues with them. They can readily find toilet tissues there. In addition, you can readily flush the toilet paper after using it when you are in those hotels. It all depend on the choice of hotel you want to visit. If you visit a common hotel, you will find a bin next to the toilet sink. You can discard your toilet there.

It is important that you know the above information before visiting Thailand. Most tourists usually get surprised when they find signs that you should not flush the toilet paper after using the toilet. You should be a victim of this problem. The above information can help you a great deal. However, Thailand is a beautiful country that you can visit once in a while.

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