Let’s Talk Toilets

Most people normally go for vacation once in a while. You will note that life can be stressful at times. It is important that you go for vacation with your friends or relatives. You will realize that most people normally use this period to bond with their loved ones. It is always a moment to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. There are several destinations that you can consider. One of those destinations that you can choose is Thailand. You will realize that Thailand is a country that caters to vastly diverse sets of tourists. If you are an avid shopper, there are bright shopping malls in Bangkok. Thailand basically offers several fascinating destinations for most tourists.

Women normally carry tissue papers so that they can utilize them whenever they want to answer a call of nature. In most countries, most women normally utilize tissue papers anytime they want. In addition, men still use tissue papers whenever they want to answer a call of nature. Should you really take your own toilet paper to Thailand?

This may seem like an obvious function of the toilet. However, you will be surprised to note that the toilets in Thailand cannot handle toilet pipes. You will realize that restaurants and even public toilets in Thailand usually have signs pleading with you to throw the tissue in the open bin instead. You will note that most visitors have been reprimanded by those people who man toilets in Thailand for not throwing the tissue paper in an open bin. Once you use a toilet in Thailand, you should not throw the tissue paper into the toilet sink as usual. You should drop it in a shared bin beside the sink.

It is true to say that you should carry your own tissue paper when visiting Thailand. However, if you are visiting a posh hotel, you can choose not to carry one. Most people wonder why toilet papers are not allowed to be flushed in the toilet. However, the reason is quite simple. You will realize that there are few sewerage treatment plants in Thailand. In addition, few sewerage plants can actually breakdown the non-biodegradable tissue paper.

Most toilets in Thailand do not provide toilet papers. You have to carry your won so that you can utilize it after relieving yourself. Those people who visit high-end hotels do not need to carry tissues with them. They can readily find toilet tissues there. In addition, you can readily flush the toilet paper after using it when you are in those hotels. It all depend on the choice of hotel you want to visit. If you visit a common hotel, you will find a bin next to the toilet sink. You can discard your toilet there.

It is important that you know the above information before visiting Thailand. Most tourists usually get surprised when they find signs that you should not flush the toilet paper after using the toilet. You should be a victim of this problem. The above information can help you a great deal. However, Thailand is a beautiful country that you can visit once in a while.

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Why Thailand is Must See

Recently, Thailand has seen a massive growth in tourism, and has emerged as a much-preferred holiday destination worldwide. Thousands of travelers from far corners of the world visit this captivating land annually. And the reason is obviously not just one or two. It offers a diverse range of tourism attractions, which simply caters travelers of all moods. Beautiful landscapes, virgin islands, heart-throbbing actions, enlivening spiritualism and rich cultural heritages – the country has something for everyone. Some places in Thailand are globally famous for their notorious nightlife and invite youngish travelers in hoards.

Here’re some reasons why Thailand is a must-visit Destination

1. Affordable: Who doesn’t want an affordable vacation? And Thailand is one such place where you can enjoy luxury holiday at highly reasonable rates. Shopping, accommodation and other travel amenities are also affordable in Thailand. Even in its cosmopolitan cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Nonthaburi, cost of living is reasonable.

2. Natural Brilliance: Thailand is a scenic wonder with almost all facets of nature being available here. Gorgeous tropical islands, lofty mountain ranges, dense green forests and scintillating rivers & waterways provide a feast for eyes. This lovely nation boasts an impressive aqua and wild life, making it beloved to nature-enthusiasts. Several national parks and animal reserves protect rare species of wild animals, birds and reptiles. Enchanting flora & fauna is also worth exploring in Thailand.

3. World-class tour facilities: if you’re a leisure traveler and wish to spend holiday in lap of luxury, Thailand is just a place for you. Visit any of its holiday destinations, and you find yourself amid fascination modern ambiences. World-class hotels & resorts, varieties of dining options and healing body treatments give travelers a feel of exoticism. Thai massage and ayurvedic treatments are globally famous for being relaxing and rejuvenating. Well-improved infrastructure and smooth connectivity add some more to your comfort in Thailand. While being in the city, a traveler would find a long list of things to do and see. The stunning Grand Palace and exquisite Buddhist temples like Wat Arun and Wat Triamit are the signature attractions of Bangkok. Then are excellent museums like the Bangkok National Museum and pleasurable Flea markets which are sure to leave the visitors enthralled. Moreover, Bangkok is filled with plenty of animal parks and theme gardens where families can have loads of funs.

4. Adventure: It wouldn’t be wrong if you call Thailand the adventure capital of Asia. From mountain walks to deep sea diving, and wildlife safari to river rafting; Thailand has adventure for everyone. Take a tour to Chiang Mai to feel nature and adventure from close. Enjoying thriving water sports in Phuket and Pattaya is simply a memory of lifetime. Wildlife excursion is another rewarding experience for adventure buffs. Also, you can see amazing species of whales, crocodiles and birds during Thailand tour.

5. Good Weather: Thailand features reasonable weather year-round. Though summer is hot and humid, the beaches and islands in Southern Thailand make perfect gateway at this time of year. The best time to visit Thailand is between October to March, when rain and humidity are at their least. If possible, avoid rainy season, from June to September, if you plan a Bangkok tour.

Thailand is safe for travelers, and one can easily explore all its corners with some basic precautions only. The best way to plan your Thailand tour however is through a reliable travel agent. Buy a Thailand package and ensure a stress-free holiday experience.

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Stray Dogs in Thailand

If you’ve been to Bangkok, you probably came across packs of stray dogs. Why are there so many stray dogs in Thailand? According to the Disease Control and veterinary board, Thailand has over 8.5 million dogs. Every one in ten dogs is a stray dog. From probability, we can assume that half of them are female. If each female gives birth to a litter of eight, you can imagine how fast the stray canine’s population can grow. Who is responsible for the three hundred stray dogs roaming the streets of the country’s capital?

Buddhists are partly to blame for their kind-hearted actions of feeding the strays. Poor infrastructure has played a part too. With their short gestation, this means that their population is ever growing. It’s time the government came up with “birth control” for these rabies carriers. They may get hit by cars creating a not so pleasant scene. Why are they so many? Veterinary services are not as much as we would love. They are too limited to break the dogs breeding cycle. Stray dogs will continue to reproduce until they are sterilized.

Back in history, both public and private organizations tried to contain the dog population through euthanasia and sterilization. There was a public outcry from animal rights activists. They argued that this treatment to the dogs was inhumane. This campaign was then abolished. A pro-stray dog mentality was then adopted.

The capital city’s administrative unit started a program that made it mandatory to register a dog. They required that each dog had to be sterilized, and a microchip implanted. This chip would be used to locate the owner. Moreover, each dog had to be vaccinated. With these reforms, they hoped to control the stray dog population.

However, this plan went South. Instead of discouraging stray dogs, this plan worked against them. How was this possible? Many dog owners did not want to pay for their pet’s immunization and chip implantation. They ended up abandoning their dogs in fear of being fined for not registering them. The result was an increased street dog population.

Pet owners are a source of this ever-growing menace. Irresponsible pet owners do not neuter or sterile their dogs. However, this is not their wish. With a limited budget, it’s sometimes impossible to take care of their animals. Some of them are so cruel that they dump their dogs once they give birth. Animal activists are having a hard time saving these dogs due to their weak financial muscles.

Even though pet owners are capable of feeding their dogs, it’s hard for them to neuter them. Neutering one female dog costs as much as 2500 bath. Surgery is expensive, and they have to stay in the hospital for a few days after that. Raising such a hefty amount can be difficult let alone making transport arrangements to the veterinary.

Even though Thailand faces one disaster after another, I think the stray dog population is within their control. As much as I love dogs, it’s better to euthanize these stray dogs humanely. Donors are willing to support the government in neutering. If the government could lower neutering and vaccine costs, it would be easier to control the stray dog population.





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Things that are rude in Thailand

The last thing we Americans want to do is offend someone. Although some gestures may mean nothing to us, they can be a big deal to others. Sometimes, such misunderstood gestures might end up in serious confrontations. So, what actions do we consider normal could be considered rude in Thailand?

Don’t put your feet up

Placing your feet on a chair or a coffee table is considered offensive in Thailand. It’s also rude to point your feet to someone. Worst of all, you should not step over other people’s feet or walk around them as it’s considered impolite. As a rule of thumb, you should let the feet hit the ground since they are the dirtiest part of your body. This is part of their etiquette. Although it might be hard to forget the habit immediately, you must train yourself before you leave for Thailand.

Don’t point with your finger

If you have to gesture to something, use your four fingers. Many cultures in Thailand consider pointing as being rude. You are required to point with your hand or by lifting your chin to that direction. On the other hand, you’re not supposed to call someone with your fingers pointed upward. Instead, you should make a patting motion on the ground. The only things you are allowed to point are animals or objects. This may feel awkward, but it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t get angry

Getting angry will only make the situation worse. If you show any signs of anger, you’ll get an equal amount of anger from a Thai. In most cases, the anger is reciprocated with extreme violence. As difficult as it may appear, try to be calm and polite. Here, people are soft-spoken and mild-mannered. Always keep your voice down in restaurants.

Don’t touch other people’s heads

Thai’s consider the head as the most sacred part of their body. You should never touch someone’s head unless you are in a close relationship with that person. This culture applies even to children. When you touch another person’s head without their permission, other people will feel uncomfortable. It’s considered rude and disrespectful.

Don’t expose yourself

Whether you are in a bar, hotel or on the beach, you should keep yourself covered. For example, you cannot sunbath when you’re topless or wear clothes that reveal your body. Here, girls cover their cleavage, shoulders and knees before entering the temple. If you are a breastfeeding mother, you should not do it in public. As for men, no matter how hot it is, you have no excuse to go shirtless.

Don’t get dirty

Cleanliness is important in Thai culture. Nobody likes associating with a dirty person.

Never hug a monk

While men are at liberty to contact other monks, they cannot hug women or hand them something directly. They always keep a respectful distance.

I’m sure this article has answered your question. One downside of foreign travel is that you can easily offend the locals in that foreign country. Thankfully, Thai people don’t get uptight when things go wrong. This makes it one of the attractive countries to visit. Now that you understand their culture, you don’t have to embarrass yourself.

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How to Barter

How do you barter with a merchant in Thailand?

Shopping in Thailand should be fun. In Thailand, bartering is the norm. Spending your hard earned money here is exciting, as many vendors are waiting for customers to come and buy. You should prepare to barter before you go on a shopping spree. Adequate preparation will help you maneuver in Thailand’s markets. Tourist may find themselves entangled in a trap such as buying counterfeit goods or overpaying for goods purchased. Now that you know you can get yourself trapped, the following tips will help you barter with merchants and make your shopping experience unforgettable in an excellent way.

A. Be Friendly

People in Thailand have a warm reception. Try and be friendly and always smile. Avoid being aggressive as you attempt to get discounts. Try and be friendlier and you are more likely to get the discount you ask for. Remain calm and be polite even if a merchant is rude to you.

B. Barter in Thai

Have the knowledge of basic numbers and phrases because they will certainly help you bargain. Bartering using Thai will take you farther than using English. Merchants are more likely to jerk up their prices if they realize you are new here. Knowing some Thai will help reduce the language barrier, and you will be able to negotiate. As a result, you will buy goods at an affordable price.

C. Make Use of a Currency Calculator

A currency calculator will help you convert your home currency to baht. If you have never seen baht before, you may have a difficult time trying to figure out conversation rates. Have a currency application in your phone before going for a shopping spree in Thailand markets. A currency calculator is a must have as it will help you know when you are getting a good price on an item.

D. Buy in Bulk

You will receive a higher discount if you buy in bulk. You don’t have to buy identical items, but if you buy several pieces of the same item, you will be able to barter for lower prices on each.

E. Pick an Item and Ask For A Similar Item That Costs Less

Pick an item and act like the price is too high. Ask for a similar item or a different item. There are high chances that the second item will cost less. By the time you get to the product you want to buy, the starting price will be low, and you will not bargain much.

F. Do Some Research And Decide The Amount You Are Willing To Pay Ahead Of Time.

Have only the amount you are willing to spend in your pockets to avoid paying more than you had planned.

G. Know When to Walk Away

If they do not agree to your offer, turn and start walking out. No street merchant will let good money fade away. If your offer was reasonable to them, they will stop you and accept your price when they see you are going.

Before you go shopping in the streets of Thailand, polish up your bartering skills. While there, be very pleasant and try to look like one of them. Treat bartering like a game and avoid being aggressive. Make the experience enjoyable for the vendor and yourself. Try and learn some Thai before you go shopping. Start your bartering in Thai and use it to ask how much an item costs. It will create a friendly environment.

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