How to Barter

How do you barter with a merchant in Thailand?

Shopping in Thailand should be fun. In Thailand, bartering is the norm. Spending your hard earned money here is exciting, as many vendors are waiting for customers to come and buy. You should prepare to barter before you go on a shopping spree. Adequate preparation will help you maneuver in Thailand’s markets. Tourist may find themselves entangled in a trap such as buying counterfeit goods or overpaying for goods purchased. Now that you know you can get yourself trapped, the following tips will help you barter with merchants and make your shopping experience unforgettable in an excellent way.

A. Be Friendly

People in Thailand have a warm reception. Try and be friendly and always smile. Avoid being aggressive as you attempt to get discounts. Try and be friendlier and you are more likely to get the discount you ask for. Remain calm and be polite even if a merchant is rude to you.

B. Barter in Thai

Have the knowledge of basic numbers and phrases because they will certainly help you bargain. Bartering using Thai will take you farther than using English. Merchants are more likely to jerk up their prices if they realize you are new here. Knowing some Thai will help reduce the language barrier, and you will be able to negotiate. As a result, you will buy goods at an affordable price.

C. Make Use of a Currency Calculator

A currency calculator will help you convert your home currency to baht. If you have never seen baht before, you may have a difficult time trying to figure out conversation rates. Have a currency application in your phone before going for a shopping spree in Thailand markets. A currency calculator is a must have as it will help you know when you are getting a good price on an item.

D. Buy in Bulk

You will receive a higher discount if you buy in bulk. You don’t have to buy identical items, but if you buy several pieces of the same item, you will be able to barter for lower prices on each.

E. Pick an Item and Ask For A Similar Item That Costs Less

Pick an item and act like the price is too high. Ask for a similar item or a different item. There are high chances that the second item will cost less. By the time you get to the product you want to buy, the starting price will be low, and you will not bargain much.

F. Do Some Research And Decide The Amount You Are Willing To Pay Ahead Of Time.

Have only the amount you are willing to spend in your pockets to avoid paying more than you had planned.

G. Know When to Walk Away

If they do not agree to your offer, turn and start walking out. No street merchant will let good money fade away. If your offer was reasonable to them, they will stop you and accept your price when they see you are going.

Before you go shopping in the streets of Thailand, polish up your bartering skills. While there, be very pleasant and try to look like one of them. Treat bartering like a game and avoid being aggressive. Make the experience enjoyable for the vendor and yourself. Try and learn some Thai before you go shopping. Start your bartering in Thai and use it to ask how much an item costs. It will create a friendly environment.

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